Nashville Sessions feat. Nola Shepherd

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Mudfram Records 2007 16 of the 18 tracks on this disc were recorded and mixed between 2005 and 2007 at Direct Image Studios in Nashville by Kenny Royster. pedal steel and dobro - Robby Turner bass- Dave Francis / drums- Dennis Holt and Brian Pruitt / acoustic guitar - Pat McGrath / electric guitar- Jon Conoly, Ray Herndon, Mike Durham / keyboards - Dennis Wage, Howard Duck, Mark Jordon, Chris Nole / Comin' Back Home was recorded at Sonic Sculpture, Dickson TN. by Jon Young with Dave Isaacs - guitar / Dave Webb on bass and Dan Walzer on Drums / JQ on piano / Nola Shepherd - vocals When the Moon Disappears was recorded atChip Martin Productions in Nashville, TN with Bill Shepherd on Trombone. Graphic layout for the cd was provided by Ain't Misbehave and art design by Nola Shepherd

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