J. Quealy Middle Room Music (SESAC), Rick Stewart RPS Music (ascap) 2006



I was walkin through the city on a cold December night
Guess I took a wrong turn, I went left instead of right
Found myself in a part of town, I didn’t know was even there
Round and round in circles, , running late and heading nowhere

A man in side a doorway, suddenly appeared
With a charcoal face and a ripped up coat, not a single trace of fear
He asked if had lost my way, I said “yeah, it seems to me”
He said “Stay between the white line, follow the right signs
You’ll be where you wanna be

Coulda been Jesus in that old brown coat
Lookin to the doorway for some shelter from the cold
Just an old survivor lookin for some hope
Or it coulda been Jesus, for all I know

In that big hospital hallway, the doc gave me the news
He said “It’ll be a long recovery. There’ll be a few things you can’t do”
I said “if I can’t play my old guitar, I don’t even wanna try
Feelin sorry for myself just about to cry

Until a mother pushing slowly her boy of 5 or 6
Braces on his legs and arms, that no surgery could fix
I forgot about my troubles as they went rollin by
He said ma you do the drivin , keep on drivin’
And I’ll read you the signs

Coulda been Jesus in that old wheelchair
Life’s a miracle but isn’t always fair
Just one more survivor looking for some hope
Or it coulda’ been Jesus for all I know

Coulda been Jesus in that Old Folks Home
Doesn’t recognize his family; spends most his time alone
Just an old survivor wanting to go home
Or it coulda’ been Jesus, for all I know