1. Thinkin'


(Jim Quealy, Middle Room Music)

Thinkin bout a new year
Lookin’ back at the last
The longer I keep breathin’
The faster they pass
Thinkin’ ‘bout dreamin’,
Dreamin’’ ‘bout sleep
I confess, I ain’t thinkin’ too deep

All of this thinkin’
Has got an ache in my head
Two in the morning
I should be getting to bed
But I’m thinking instead

Thinkin’ ‘bout heaven
Thinkin’ ‘‘bout God
Like some disciple
Who might be thinkin’ too hard
About the sick and the dying
The weak and deprived
Or maybe I’m just thinkin’ bout staying alive

Thinkin’ ‘bout honor
A living trust
Having no fear of returning to dust

I’m thinkin’ ‘bout family
And unconditional love
And I’m thinkin’ ‘bout all the things
I’m not thinkin’ of

All of this thinkin’ seems to get me nowhere ‘cept into this vacuum
So well prepared, But still gasping for air

I’m thinkin’ bout people
That I used know
Where did they come from?
Where did they go?
Friends and companions
I won’t soon forget
Where would I be today had we never met

All of this thinkin’
Has got my world in a haze
Will it all seem, tomorrow
A meaningless phase

Thinkin’ ‘bout music, thinkin’ ‘bout food
I’m thinkin’ how do I get myself
Out of this mood

I went to the doctor
Said doctor help me please
All of this thinkin’ feels like a disease”

He found no physical ailment
He said, I’m not afflicted as such
He said, “I’m just thinkin’ that you’re just thinkin’ too much”