J Quealy Middle Room Music (sesac), Spencer Critchley Boots Road Music (ascap) (socan)2006



There’s a man named Billy Flood
At 23 he was golden gloves
Just one fight away from the middle weight crown
Night before the title bout
Some tough guy called Billy out
Last thing Billy saw; a broken bottle comin down
Now he works at the loading dock
Makes his way around 6 oclock

To the “Go Down Easy;
He walks in tall
There’s a picture of a champion
Behind the bar on the wall
And it looks like Billy
With two gloves in the air
He’s sittin’ at the bar with a scotch on the rocks
And he’s got that far away stare
And it Goes Down Easy at
"The Go Down Easy”

Lorna Day was a super star
Somewhere back in Arkansas
She turned 18 on stage at the county fair
Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline
Lorna Day was next in line
Wasn’t hard to think she was goin somewhere
A baby came and the daddy ran
A little change in Lorna’s plans

Now at the Go Down Easy
In a blue spotlight
Near the bar in the corner
On a Friday night
Lorna’s singing
"Sweet Dreams Of You”
The crowd gets quiet
As the hurt comes through
But it goes down easy at
"The Go Down Easy"

Out from the middle of two broken dreams
In this humble tavern they were both redeemed

At the Go Down Easy,
Tonight they’ll say “I do”
With Lorna glowin in her white dress
And her high heel shoes
Jimmy’s buyin’, the whole house a round
He’s gonna raise a glass up to glories past
And a love he found
At the “Go Down Easy”
and it goes down easy”