From the recording Songs From The Stoop

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Jim Quealy Middle Room Music (sesac)


She was long and lovely; he was selfish and cruel

I guess she saw something, turned her into a blithering fool

It was too early to feel so old, and it was too late to choose

He would be around forever

Yeah, he was more than she could ever hope to lose

She used to dance in the moonlight in her light linen dress

Now she's running out of time and patience

She's running out of love, I guess.

I guess she needed some changes; she needed some pride

She'd heard about a man in Stanville, who could make it look like suicide

Yeah, he could make it look like suicide

So she met him by the thruway in some old fleabag motel

Her briefcase filled with money, 8x10's and a 9x12

In ten days it would be over; in ten days he would be gone
Her new life could begin then; she'd be movin' out; she'd be movin' on

Then she could dance in the moonlight just like in her younger days

It was the only road to freedom;

It was the only solution, there was no other way; no other way

She was alone at midnight when she got the final word

A man arrived with questions; was there anything she saw?

Was there anything she heard?

“Did he act at all peculiar?

Was there something in his eyes that might lead her to expect this?

Was it out of the blue? A complete surprise?

She bowed her head and began to cry

Were those really tears of sorrow? Was she praying to the Lord?

Was she having trouble sleeping?

Was she earning herself an academy award?

A full investigation was closed and called complete

They could find no new connection: She looked so sad and seemed so sweet

She found a new location and one or two new friends

Collected several million dollars and she was falling in love again

Her new man is still a mystery; his eyes are deep and dark

They got a place together and they were married down in Ocean Park

There they danced in the moonlight; she would melt in his caress
He made her feel like something, but he never felt the love, I guess

I guess the Money was a factor. That was hard to hide
Yeah, he knew a man in Stanville who could make it look like suicide