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  1. I Don't Believe

From the recording Far From The Real World

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Jim Quealy Middle Room Music (sesac)


Through the night, apostles go on teaching
Truth and right, evangelists continue preaching
See the light, words are long and tales are tall
Desperate fools believe them all and donate to the holy call
Who do you see waiting to receive them all?

Don’t believe in saviors or saints that walk the earth
Don’t believe in a chosen few, who offer me rebirth
Don’t believe in religious czars or what they say and do
Don’t believe in anything or anyone Like I Believe in You

Through the night they set you straight for the next election
Truth and right; new propositions and legal sections
See the light; facts on crime or trash that stinks
Opponent’s mystery, missing links
A mass of propaganda shrinks the way that people feel and think
Promises with fingers crossed and eyes that wink

Don’t believe commercials; I don’t believe campaigns
Don’t believe in Washington or bureaucratic games
Don’t believe in politics when nothing remains true
I Don’t believe in anything or anyone Like I Believe in You

Through the night information is collected
See the light of those who have their lives inspected
Truth and right all the facts are news, you know
Fill it with some glamour though
Make it glitter; Make it glow
That’s “The Peoples’ Right to Know”
After all a show is just a show It's all a show

Don’t believe in headlines with nothing too precise
Don’t believe in anchormen with eyes as cold as ice
Don’t believe in the morning paper; don’t believe the evening news
I don’t believe in anything or anyone like I Believe in You