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  1. It Matters To You

From the recording Blueprints 1

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Jim Quealy Middle Room Music (sesac)


Once in your youth shone a wonderful light
Scheme with no limit, dream with no night
Then come the laws adulthood enforce and imply
Turn your back on those dreams and attempt to provide
Your duty fulfilled and you’re empty inside
Open your eyes and recognize what you must do
Because It Matters to You

The world has a list of impossible chores
Some you attempt or attempt to ignore
Priorities change with the needs that arrange your time
So you go on along for the ride
The tide will decide where your destiny lies
Until you fight with your own insight to swim through
To where It Matters to You

You may learn from your mistakes
Crash and burn to understand the aches
Appreciate the lucky break

Opinions are many, truths may be few
The trick is to find where the truth is for you
Explore and discover; be worth your demands
Direct your own life ‘til it’s out of your hands
Believe in yourself and the power within
To be who you are, again and again
Know that success is a fire that keeps burning through
To where It Matters to You