From the recording music tracks


Maryanne was as a straight a student with a head full of plans and dreams
With a heart as big as mother Theresa and the eyes of a home coming queen
Billy Joe Baker was a mean trouble maker
But he looked just like James Dean
He was out to get her
She should have known better
Now she’s keepin his trailer clean

She suffers the fool but the fool don’t suffer
In fact he’s doin alright
Out ther carousing with his low life buddies
Stayin out all night
It hurts her so but she can’t let go
And she’s the only one that doesn’t know
The a Basic truth
A simple rule
Sad to say
It may sound cruel
The fool won’t suffer as long as she suffers the fool

Billy Joe ain’t the kind of fella you can rely upon
If you need a friend indeed, count old Billy gone
When he’s around it just brings her down
Why then can’t she see
That boy’s lost, she’d be
Better off
With a gentleman like me

It’s a lovers curse
What makes it worse is
She’s not the only on it really hurts
Basic truth, simple rule
Sad to say
It may sound cruel
But this fool is gonna suffer
As long as she suffers that fool